Oct 082017

Malcolm and I were having a conversation on Monday as he read about what had happened in Las Vegas. My response was a small sigh of despair. Mal reminded me that we are not a people without hope. Indeed we are not. I have found myself this week wondering about how we ensure we remember that and live as a people with hope, rather than buy into the worlds lies and our fears and, consequently, live as a people without [continue reading…]

Oct 012017

What a week of wet and cold it has been.  One of the spinoffs of my not too distant surgery is that I feel cold a lot of the time. In fact, because I am a bit of a foolish man I have expected recovery from a double hip replacement to be a routine thing that I would get over fairly quickly. Ahhhhh! Foolish, foolish man.  I have been really struggling, physically and emotionally.  I have never felt this depleted [continue reading…]

Sep 242017

As many of you know, some of us are heading to Augusta in January to be part of the Family Festival (Beach Mission) in the Flinders Bay Caravan Park. While we will run some programs for children, youth and families while we are there, a large part of what it is about is camping alongside other holiday-makers and joining in with what we see God doing around about us. It’s about being and bringing good news into that caravan park. [continue reading…]

Sep 172017

As some of you know, I am currently studying at Tabor Christian College. As part of my Christian Ministry unit we are engaging in lots of reflection regarding God’s mission and how we, the church, are the second way that God chooses to incarnate Himself in the world – “Whoa!” As part of my refection in this unit I was challenged by a friend who asked me whether I had included the wider body of the church, not just my [continue reading…]

Sep 102017

I often talk about ‘.people of peace’. People sometimes ask me “What do you mean by ‘people of peace’?” Let me tell you a story. I ride my bike with a group of guys and a few wonderful girls.  Now some of these guys are from church and they bring a wonderful generosity to our rides and chats over coffee afterwards.  But most of the guys represent the general population of working men in and around the western suburbs.  Most [continue reading…]

Sep 032017

This Sunday James moves to two days a week here at St Philip’s in order to continue to shift his focus more towards The Common, the church plant that the Duffs and the Murthas are leading in Palmyra.  What God is doing already in and through this missional community is so exciting and we look forward to what is to come.  As well as praying for James and Jared as they work out structural and financial avenues, let’s continue to [continue reading…]

Aug 272017

Over the last few weeks I have been walking in the Fremantle pool to help strengthen my back.  One particular weekday I finished up at church and headed to the pool before going home.  When I arrived I was surprised by how many children were taking swimming lessons after school.  I felt very old and somewhat exposed.  Here I was struggling to get changed into some swimwear, bent over, hobbling along with a crutch for support, my torso was so [continue reading…]

Aug 202017

The famous preacher and theologian Don Carson has been in Perth this week and on Tuesday night, along with more than 1000 other people, I heard him speak.  I know some others from our community have also had the opportunity to hear him at one or more of the events he’s spoken at during the week. On Tuesday night, he started his talk with a cheery statement: “If you live long enough, you’ll get kicked in the teeth.”  He then [continue reading…]

Aug 132017

It was fantastic to be away last weekend with a group of women from our church – a rich weekend of connection with each other and with God in a gorgeous location.  At one point over the weekend I was struck by how unique it is for that type of cross section of ages to be comfortably together – it’s pretty rare in our society these days.  I was also struck by the desire of the group of women who [continue reading…]

Aug 062017

Thank you for the feedback following the talk Cheryl and I gave in church last Sunday.  If you were not there and are interested, jump on St Philips Cottesloe website, press on the Podcast button and you can hear it. We addressed 1 Peter 3, where Peter says, “Wives submit to your husbands.”  Of course Peter said much more than that and that text of all texts deserves a context, both culturally and for its place within the letter as [continue reading…]