Jun 022019

Welcome to Nick from Christchurch.  Today I am looking forward to an insiders view of a school chaplain’s life. I have been musing as I consider staying alert to the challenge to ‘switch on’ following our How to Be Rich Series.  It got me thinking about contentment. A brief explanation: If I am going to be generous I need to do something really hard, that is, say “no” to myself. And no one likes to be told, “no”! “No” always [continue reading…]

May 262019

Earlier this week, Barb Totterdell, Sally Howe and I attended a conference in Sydney called House. We were richly blessed to be a part of such a high-quality children’s and youth ministry conference. Why did we do it? If the axe is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success (Eccl 10:10). We want to be as sharp as possible as St Philips begins the journey of “Growing Young”. We are delighted to be [continue reading…]

May 192019

I’ve been so encouraged by a number of things happening recently within our church and beyond, particularly with regard to ministry with young people. Here are just some of the things that are encouraging me. Partners in Prayer It is fantastic that there are almost 60 people in our congregation praying specifically for one of our young people. There is no question that this will be significant in the lives of our young people and in the life of our [continue reading…]

May 122019

This week a number of people with some degree of profile in the Christian world have died. I’ve watched the outpouring of grief and the recognition from many of how these people have impacted them personally, often from a distance, through books, speaking engagements and the significant choices that these people made in how they lived and what they gave themselves to. One of these people, a man named Bruce Chapman, who many of you won’t have heard of, died [continue reading…]

May 052019

To St Philips Anglican Church congregation, Thank you so much for your donations of food to the Willagee / Kardinya Anglican church to allow the food ministry to continue.  Between 25 and 35 people come and choose 5 or 6 food items plus bread every week.  Families get extra items.  Jesus is surely working miracles in the continuous supply of food and in our contacts with the people who come. We now encourage people to stay for coffee and a [continue reading…]

Apr 282019

The Carrs have been in Perth for just over a year now. There is plenty to celebrate! Allow me to share a few things that I am grateful for at the moment. Tim Dyer Visit I’m very grateful for Malcolm’s investment in helping the staff team clarify our sense of where God is leading St Philips in the years to come. Tim Dyer will be flying in from Tasmania to guide us through a kind of ‘visioneering’ process for two [continue reading…]

Apr 232019

Good News. Such good news. That’s what we are celebrating this weekend. I wonder what your Lent has been like. I’m someone who finds rhythms very helpful and the rhythms of the church year are often a part of that. But this year, for various reasons, I haven’t engaged strongly in a Lenten journey – well, not deliberately and intentionally anyway. God, on the other hand, has been doing His work of leading me to the Cross! So I’ve come [continue reading…]

Apr 142019

Easter is upon us.  Once again the holiest season for Christians will vie for some space in that desire to grab the last warm holiday before winter. Seasons are a gift from God.  They are necessary.  They provide great metaphor for the ebbs and flows of life. Easter, in the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality sense, is part of God’s rhythm in our year. Today is Palm Sunday.  Palm Sunday emerges out of the weeks of Lent.  Lent is the season of repentance, [continue reading…]

Apr 072019

So often we get complacent about praying for those around us who don’t know Jesus and I want to take this opportunity to encourage us all in this. Last Sunday, James Duff reminded us of the immense gift we have been given in the gospel. What a treasure, what a gift, what good news – good news that those around us desperately need! Certainly we need to take every opportunity to share this good news with people, but, as most [continue reading…]

Mar 312019

The Bible is shallow enough for a child not to drown, yet deep enough for an elephant to swim – St Augustine. The problem for most of us is that we stay in the shallows. That is what researcher, David Kinnaman, argues in a book called You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church. For Kinnaman it all boils down to this: The Christian church…has a shallow faith problem because we have a discipleship problem. Moreover, diagnosing and treating [continue reading…]