Oct 212018

For my daily devotions I sometimes watch a 10 minute YouTube clip called Look at the Book by John Piper, which examines a short passage of Scripture. Philippians 3:15-16 goes like this: Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. The latter do it out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defence of the gospel. So how can we as Christians defend the gospel? By preaching the gospel. In order for [continue reading…]

Oct 142018

The end of the year is fast approaching and for me this year one of the things that means is that the Augusta (Flinders Bay) Family Festival is not that long away. For the first ten days of each year a group of Christians go and camp in the Flinders Bay Caravan Park in Augusta, form a missional community and aim to share God’s love and the good news of Jesus in word and deed through presence, relationships and activities. [continue reading…]

Oct 072018

Each fortnight I meet with James and Jared to discuss the progress with the Common. This week James reflected on a talk he had heard by one of the senior pastors from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. He had said that as he reflected on years in church he had observed the following: We see the need for parents to have somewhere for their babies and little ones to cry and cope inside the church environment.  So we begin church by [continue reading…]

Sep 302018

It’s school holidays. It’s also a time of the year when a number of our congregation take the opportunity to travel. These can be times of busyness or rest, times that offer a chance to be refreshed, or times to be distracted. They may present the chance to connect with one another and, in some deeper ways, with God; or it may be harder to maintain our rhythms of Bible reading, prayer and connection during these seasons. It’s important that [continue reading…]

Sep 232018

Today Pam is sharing with us her reflections from the Bible on “I believe in the communion (or fellowship), of the saints and the life everlasting.” I have no idea what Pam will have to say but I found her first reading choice particularly intriguing: Then he showed me the high priest Joshua standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him. And the Lord said to Satan, “The LORD rebuke you, O Satan! The LORD, who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke [continue reading…]

Sep 162018

I want to give thanks this week for encouragement. There are so many examples of people joining in with the Holy Spirit in ways that bring so much encouragement. I shared the front with two of our parishioners during funerals this past week or so, whose lives, words and love were such an encouragement to me. I am on the Being Church email feed.  It is where ‘the left hand reports to the right hand’ what it has been doing [continue reading…]

Sep 092018

‘‘Sustainable September’ is an initiative of the Anglican EcoCare Commission who devise a programme and activities to celebrate and honour God’s creation and our place in His purposes.  It  gives EcoChurch an opportunity to remind you, His people, of those purposes and encourage you to take seriously His commission to support justice and equity in the world (EcoJustice).  When I asked Malcolm if EcoChurch could have the Musing space, he asked me to consider how Christians are not simply ‘greenies’; [continue reading…]

Sep 022018

We’ve got many exciting opportunities coming up for our children and young people and a number of our congregation are involved in contexts where they’ll be ministering to children, young people and families beyond our church. Would you join with us in prayer for these things? This Sunday at the 9.30 service we have Naomi Fulton, the Chaplain at North Cottesloe Primary School, with us. She’ll tell us a bit about her work at North Cottesloe and we will have [continue reading…]

Aug 262018

When Malcolm asked us to write a musing about what’s is going on in our world as we partner with you on mission, we were grateful for the many blessings that came to mind, primarily the opportunities God has given us to build relationship back into the historical town of Guildford. Over the past twenty years or so, the relationship between the Town and the church has, to say the least, dwindled! So, for the past three and a half [continue reading…]

Aug 192018

Good to be back from holidays. Cheryl and I had our time away all sorted out and things got tossed on their head the first week in.  We ended up back in Perth and didn’t get away again. Family stuff… know how it is?  In fact, I felt God gave me a picture of the St Philips congregational life as I considered my own challenges.  The picture was of the sea off Cottesloe…… On any day it can be different, [continue reading…]