Family Faith at Home

Jul 012014

It’s easy to get caught up in what other people think about us, but what does God think about us? (This recipe is more suitable for families with kids about 7 or 8 and above). Ingredients: The list of statements about who we are in God (see below) Your family / household / friendship group Method: Pray and thank God that you can be together Read through the list of statements silently, and then take turns to read aloud if [continue reading…]

Jun 172014

A great idea to help remember to pray for your family, friends and others you support. Why not make one together on a rainy afternoon? Ingredients: a small plastic or tin bucket some  pop sticks marker pens Your family / household Method: Make a label for the bucket “Prayer Bucket” or “Prayer Pail” On each popstick, write the name of someone you want to pray for e.g. Grandma, the Smith family, Jackson in Uganda Put them all in the bucket! [continue reading…]

Jun 112014

One great way to grow together in service and compassion is to practice hospitality together… Neighbourhood Hospitality The Duff family have really enjoyed getting to know the neighbours in their street and part of this has been offering hospitality like: Baking biscuits and taking them to the neighbours (sometimes for a reason like a new baby, sometimes just because!) Having a verge BBQ Helping to organise block parties Inviting people in for a meal or a drink Simply having a [continue reading…]

Jun 032014

Growing in faith together doesn’t mean having to do all kinds of extra things, it’s most often a case of re-orienting the things we are already doing. For example simply setting up regular routines and patterns can bring great blessing. Here’s one pattern that a family have found works for them: (they find it usually takes about 10 minutes) Family Breakfast Set up a family routine of having breakfast together every day (or another meal) Every time you meet to eat do three things: Talk [continue reading…]

May 132014

One of the things the Pemberton family love to do is use FAITH TALK cards around the dinner table. These are a great way to encourage talk about faith and family things. You can buy these cards online (they come from the USA) or you could sit down and make some of your own. The Pembertons are happy to lend you the ones we have sometime if you want to have a look! You could also do this around the table [continue reading…]

May 062014

A “recipe” from a Danish family!  I met Hanne at a conference a couple of weeks ago and she told me this is what her family is trying: Set apart one Friday night (or suitable night!) a month for a party night. The kids each invite a couple of friends over. Watch a movie, play games, eat dinner together (parents too!), laugh and have fun! Plan to do it all again next month! A wonderful way to celebrate and have [continue reading…]

May 062014

A simple recipe to follow on from Easter. Grab your family / friends, a bible and a simple packed breakfast and head to the beach (or somewhere near water). As you sit, have someone read John 21:1-17 from the Bible. Have a chat about this – perhaps using these questions to help you: What do you think Jesus meant when he asked Peter if he loved him? Why did he do it three times? Maybe have a couple of people [continue reading…]

Apr 082014

A simple thanks to God (grace) before meals is a great thing to do whenever you eat. Here’s what the HOWE family do at their place: We say grace every night together. In our house, it’s the role of the child(ren) We hold hands (and do this even if guests are present ) We use a moment of silence to let God speak to us Whatever the child says is accepted It might be very short, or repetitive from night to [continue reading…]

Apr 082014

At St Philips we want people to grow in faith together at home as well as when we all meet together! Here is some help to do that… The “recipes” on this page are some ideas you could use at home, with your family and friends. Some will be more suitable for families with children, others will be great for people of all ages. If you ever want any more information about the recipes (or are not quite sure how they work) please do [continue reading…]

Apr 012014

A recipe from Robert Forward As you sit down to a meal, grab a Bible and read James 5:13. Say thanks to God for the meal and start eating. As you eat, have a bit of an around the table brainstorm and think about all the people that contributed to you being able to eat your meal! For example: farmers, pickers and packers, transport workers, shop workers, bag makers, butchers, people who make plates, knives, forks etc etc. Give thanks to God [continue reading…]