Family Faith at Home

Apr 082014

At St Philips we want people to grow in faith together at home as well as when we all meet together! Here is some help to do that…
The “recipes” on this page are some ideas you could use at home, with your family and friends. Some will be more suitable for families with children, others will be great for people of all ages. If you ever want any more information about the recipes (or are not quite sure how they work) please do get in touch at the email address below.

We also want to hear from you!  Please send your “recipes” in to ,we’d love to hear what you/your family do to grow in faith together.

Let’s encourage each other…


Oct 292014

We spend a lot of time in the car with our families and friends!  Instead of saying “Are we there yet?” why not make the most of the time – play some fun car games, have a laugh singing loudly to a song you all like and have some good conversations…


You and whichever family members are in the car with you

Faith Talk cards or your own home made cards  (if you need a conversation starter)



1. When you’re on a car trip (short or long), make some time to turn down the radio and/or have everyone unplug their personal devices and put down their books!

2. Grab a faith talk card or just choose your own topic to talk about.    Memories and Things you wonder about are a couple of good ones.  (You could make your own car conversation cards as another family project – that would be fun!)

3. Each person takes a turn talking about the topic.   Some questions might include:  tell a favourite story about one of your grandparents….      What do you think angels do….  If you had the whole day to do whatever you like, what would you do…  Talk about your favourite ever holiday.

4.  Each person takes a turn choosing a question or topic – you can stop after one round or keep going as long as you like!

5. At the end say a prayer (with your eyes open if you’re driving!) and thank God for each person in the car and the chance to spend time together.

Road trip

Sep 302014

This recipe was inspired by an idea from the website.

Pets are an important part of the family – why not set some time aside to celebrate and thank God for what they bring into our lives?


  • Paper and pens/textas
  • Your pet
  • Your family/household
  • Toys for your pet (if they use toys!)


  1. Sit down together and draw some portaits of your pet! Maybe even frame them and put them up on the wall (or if you’re not an artist, take some photos and print them out).
  2. As you draw, share fun memories of your pet, what you love about them, what makes you laugh (or even annoyed!).
  3. After you’ve finished your picture, pray and give thanks to God for your pet/pets and what they bring into your life. Pray for your pet’s health, or any other needs he/she may have.
  4. Now spend some quality time with your pet – play with your dog or cat, clean out your rabbit’s hutch, spend time watching your fish – whatever works for you. Let them know you care.



Sep 032014

Record your family or household’s celebrations and favourite moments during the year, then read them all together on New Year’s Day and thank God for them all. Ingredients: A small box with a lid with pre-cut pieces of paper (why not make them colourful?) Or a celebration book to write in Method: Each time there is something to celebrate or something to be thankful for, write it on a piece of paper and put it in the box (or write [continue reading…]

Aug 262014

God calls us to be generous and cheerful givers – here’s one way to teach kids about giving and  to intentionally give as a household / family. Ingredients:  Materials to make a money box (or more than one!) (e.g. a drinking chocolate container with plastic lid is ideal, or make your own from cardboard or whatever other material you have handy) Paper, glue, scissors, textas etc for decorating Your family/household Method:  Set aside some time to do this family activity [continue reading…]

Aug 202014

A simple thing – but something we might not do very often – is to invite others to pray with your family. This could be regularly or as an occasional thing in times of challenge (eg things are tough at school or work, someone is sick, family member in hospital) or celebration. What a wonderful thing for kids to see and be part of God’s people praying for each other, lifting hearts and voices to God together outside the organised prayer [continue reading…]

Aug 052014

As the weather starts to warm up, why not plant some flowers or vegetables together as a family? Ingredients The family/household A Bible Seeds or seedlings of your choice, a prepared garden bed, gardening tools Method Gather together and say a prayer of thanks to God for things that grow, for the sun, water, for seeds that change into flowers or vegetables. Open the Bible and read Genesis 1: 11-12 together. Chat to each other about your favourite things that [continue reading…]

Jul 232014

A recipe from the Robinson family in the UK. Thanks to Rich and Anna for this one! Ingredients : A wooden spoon, with the word THANKSGIVING written on it (and decorated as well if you like!) Your family / household and a meal at the table. Method:   Set the table for a meal, include the thanksgiving spoon on the table. Before you eat (or during if you prefer!) pass the spoon around to each person at the table. When [continue reading…]

Jul 092014

This is based on a great idea I found at Grab the family and make a prayer album or a prayer board to display in your home. Ingredients A photo album or blank paged notebook (or some card for mounting photos and a pin board) Photos of family / friends / people you want to pray for Glue, pens etc Method Get the family together Glue a photo on each blank page, or mount each one on a piece [continue reading…]

Jul 012014

This recipe idea was inspired by  “The Busy Family’s Guide to Spirituality” by David Robinson, a great book!   Are you about to head off on a holiday? Or a weekend away? Why not try this…. Travelling together recipe Ingredients: The family/household A prayer or song (or make it up at the time) Method: Before you set off, gather everyone together Pray together! Pray for things like: a safe and good journey,a peaceful car trip (!), a refreshing holiday, the chance [continue reading…]