Our Story


St Philips history is all about HIS-story. God has been writing His stories since the beginning of time.

A bit of background

St Philips Anglican Church is located walking distance from Cottesloe Beach. In 2011, St Philips turned 100 years old. In 1907 a keen Christian lady from St Luke’s church in Mosman Park had a vision that Christians should have a place to worship God in Cottesloe.
She started meeting with others to pray near where St Philips is now. This was followed by a Sunday School as a branch of St Luke’s, then a church service conducted by a visiting priest. These, we think, were held in an old hall on this site which was the original Indiana Tea House.

In 1911 the first church called St Philips was built and consecrated. The building in the photo above was the second building on the site. The current (third) building, which was renovated and expanded in the late 1990s, is a Julian Elischer design from the early 1960s.

For a fun photographic slideshow mixing the past and present, please follow this link and for more photos of the Old Church and people follow this link