Apr 012018

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Mar 252018

I have been embroiled in some strange conversations this week.  Some of them have been about Kieran. We are still waiting for a determination from head office to make the pathway clear for him to join us. They have their reasons for questioning some things, but from my perspective, what’s the hold up?  Get on with it!  It feels like we are dangling like a carcass on a hook.  It feels unfair on us AND especially on the Carrs. We [continue reading…]

Mar 252018

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Mar 112018

I thought it was worth summarizing at some length an article I really enjoyed in this month’s Eternity Magazine. The author, Greg Clarke, CEO of the Bible Society, wrestles there with how truth works these days. He declares that, according to many people, “The best book to read is the Vible.” What is the Vible? Well, it’s something you feel in your guts.  It’s the vibe, and its sacred text is called the Vible. The Vible is the summary of [continue reading…]

Mar 042018

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Feb 252018

When we farewelled the Duffs, I gave the family presents.  I hope they were meaningful items that encourage wise living and godly behaviour. In light of the Deputy Prime Minister’s last fortnight, I think our 2017 studies of Proverbs and the emphasis on wise living are particularly appropriate.  As I thought about ‘a Barnaby’ of a fortnight, I found myself reflecting on my present to Will Duff, a magnetic compass.  Objective truth, morality and deciding right from wrong have become [continue reading…]

Feb 112018

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Feb 042018

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Jan 282018

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Jan 212018

On Wednesday of this week Cheryl and I moved house.  Our new address is 8 Dorcas Way, Coolbellup. We moved house so that new ministers could move into the rectory.  We did this because our experience with the Duffs has taught us that things grow where the energy for learning and evangelism is present.  We are in Cottesloe, so we need to put our people where we want the new energy to be. The Carrs have been delayed due to [continue reading…]