Jan 272019

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Dec 242018

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Dec 232018

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Dec 162018

On Thursday night our middle daughter Georgia graduated from Notre Dame University with an MA in Counselling.  It is encouraging when your kids find the thing they really want to do.  Georgia did a short introduction to counselling with Cheryl about three years ago and it just clicked.  So she found a course and two years later she has graduated with distinction and has been employed by the agency in which she did her training  placement.  Ironically, Emma Jarvis is [continue reading…]

Dec 092018

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Dec 022018

As children, Alphonsine, her sister Solange and two younger brothers arrived in Perth from Africa in 2003 as UNHCR refugees. They had sought refuge following an attack on their village near Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC]. They  had been separated from their parents who they believed had been killed by militants in the ongoing civil war in the DRC. The family group was assigned to the St Philips Wakimbizi Group established by Graham Whitley about 20 years [continue reading…]

Nov 112018

It’s no secret that today is Remembrance Day. We remember the end of the First World War and, more importantly, those who died in it.  Lest We Forget. I was listening on the radio to Peter Hitchens, the renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens’ brother; the difference is that Peter is a committed Christian.  Peter was explaining eloquently the impact of the wars on the Christian faith of all of Europe.  Obviously everyone thought God was with them, when clearly, if winning [continue reading…]

Nov 042018

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Oct 212018

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Oct 072018

Each fortnight I meet with James and Jared to discuss the progress with the Common. This week James reflected on a talk he had heard by one of the senior pastors from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. He had said that as he reflected on years in church he had observed the following: We see the need for parents to have somewhere for their babies and little ones to cry and cope inside the church environment.  So we begin church by [continue reading…]