May 282017

Last Sunday I reflected on the wisdom of the men and women of the Midweek Communion community, the simple yet profound responses they gave to the questions, “How does Jesus impact your life day to day?”,  “What does knowing him actually do for you?” Their answers, you may recall, included three basic elements.  Firstly, they said, he is present to them.  As Jesus said in John’s gospel, “I know my sheep, my sheep hear my voice”. Secondly, having grown to [continue reading…]

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May 072017

Last weekend twenty blokes from St Philips or closely related to St Philips went away together.  I know I am supposed to say this but I will anyway,  “It was fantastic”. It was fantastic to be away with men.  It was fantastic to room with other men.  It was fantastic to joke with other men.  It was fantastic to cook and eat and wash up with other men.  It was fantastic to walk up a very steep hill with other [continue reading…]

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Apr 162017

In Cairo this morning, Coptic Christians will be declaring, alongside us, “Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!”  But if I were a Christian in Cairo this Easter morning that would feel like a hollow declaration for, as we know, on Palm Sunday, would-be Islamic freedom fighters saw fit to indiscriminately detonate suicide bombs inside and just outside two significant Christian churches, killing and maiming dozens. Have no doubt, Christians are targets for humiliation and destruction in many parts of [continue reading…]

Apr 022017

I live in a world that is desperate for good news among people who often feel blessed by their circumstance. Last week at St Philips we considered Jesus’ final words, teaching his disciples to live and thrive in challenging, even desperate times.  Desperate times is the prevailing context for Christian growth and spiritual prosperity.  This is probably our biggest challenge.  My life, my lot, my circumstances dominate my world view.  To engage with others in greater need somehow recalibrates my [continue reading…]

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Mar 192017

As I said last week, Tim Costello is here with us on one of his frequent whirlwind tours of WA.  Welcome Tim, it’s a great joy to have you sharing with us today. Tim’s title is World Vision Australia Advocate.  One of the New Testament’s great pictures is that of the ambassador or the advocate.  I know they are different but I love Paul’s imagery when he says to the Corinthians, You are Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making [continue reading…]