Nov 252018

Dear St Philips,

Not really a musing, sorry, more of a short report. Here are a few highlights from the life of The Common over the last month.

Alpha:  We have two men doing the Alpha course at the Duffs.

Missional Community (MC): On mission this month, the Duff MC met at the Willagee Community Centre. We set up 4 teams: some prayed around the area, others purchased Milo and milk, which were made up into packages, other people walked in the area, giving out the packages and praying with the recipients. We gave away 29 packages and some people were able to have long discussions and prayer with people.

The Discipleship Home (DH or Duffs’ House) is settling well. There are now 7 of us living in our home; it will be 9 by Christmas. There are many organised and organic ‘discipleship’ moments.  Pray for Jane and me as we lead this together.

Men’s weekend away: Three of us went away on a fasting weekend to pray and fast together, even though I became ill on the second day.

I have been away doing some training and having some holidays recently. This has meant that Jared has preached for much of the time at our services. Tenille preached last Sunday. It is wonderful to see God using His people to strengthen many others and a privilege to serve alongside such robust and dedicated disciples. 

Prayer points:

  • Pray for a new ministry that we will be launching next term. It is called The Monastery. The idea is that groups of 3-4 from our Missional Communities will come together once a week to read the Bible and pray together. It will also involve a weekly devotion/liturgy for people to follow individually.
  • Pray for upcoming Christmas services. We will be doing our own small Carols at the Pally Patch and a Christmas Day service.
  • The Murthas will be at the Pally Patch next to the Palmyra Sunday Markets.

The Murtha MC, whose mission focus is to the Palmyra School community. This is Jared on a Sunday with his MC, teaching and participating in growing vegetables in the Pally Patch (Palmyra PS kitchen garden).

The Common’s key times up to Christmas:

  • Nov 24, 3-6:30pm – Pool party at the Duffs (IN/OUT). Invite friends.
  • Nov 25, 9am – Service (UP) – Melville Guide Hall (Cnr Stock and Kitchener Road, Melville).
  • Dec 2, 9.30am, – MC – (All IN/OUT) – Pally Patch and Palmyra School market.
  • Dec 9, 9am – Service (UP) – Melville Guide Hall (Cnr Stock and Kitchener Road, Melville).
  • Dec 15, 3-6:30pm – Pool party at the Duffs (IN/OUT). Invite friends. 
  • Dec 16, 4pm – MC – (All IN)- Fellowship .
  • Dec 23, 4pm – Carols (UP/OUT) – Pally Patch (Palmyra Primary School). 
  • Dec 25, 9am- Service (UP) – Melville Guide Hall (Cnr Stock and Kitchener Road, Melville).

We are very thankful for your prayers and support.





Apr 152018

“The whole point of seeing through something is to see something through it”, C.S.Lewis, The Abolition of Man. In starting a new church, I need to understand the prevailing culture The Common finds itself in, to see through it and identify its idols. Then we can see how the gospel destroys the idols and saves people from them. The context for the Gospel here is not The Common’s congregation but the culture of Palmyra. The task of identifying idols in [continue reading…]

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Feb 042018

One month down being full time at The Common! Here are some highlights, prayer points and upcoming events: Governance board in place and have met twice. We are now an incorporated body. We are a week into a fundraising drive called ‘30 Common Days’ (check out our Facebook page). We are gathering weekly at Bicton Baths with 30-40 people. We are in discussions with Palmyra Primary School regarding being tenants in their old off-site kindergarten. (Please pray we get this.) [continue reading…]

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Dec 102017

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” wrote Charles Dickens as he begun to pen his famous novel The Tale of Two Cities. You may be able to describe your 2017 in a similar way. My 2017 has had both “best” and “worst” times. Planning and beginning to be part of a team who are planting a church has counted in the “best”. Hurting my back and still slowly recovering has to be counted as [continue reading…]

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