Oct 122014

Malcolm’s last two sermons on the book of Judges have been very insightful.  The nation of Israel’s collective cycle of addiction and capacity to forget all that God had done for them is a timely reminder for us today. If we’re really honest with ourselves, we all have cycles of addiction like in Judges, known only by ourselves and sometimes those closest to us. I heard Malcolm say last Sunday that he didn’t think that people could be ‘fixed’ of [continue reading…]

Feb 032013

Good morning. We trust you’ve had a restful and restorative break over January. Now it’s back to work, school or just back into things, the everyday stuff of life. No doubt you’re beginning to plan the year: dates for holidays, priorities for 2013, important decisions.  Life can get very, very busy very quickly. Over summer at St Philips, we’ve been encouraging a season of abiding, of rest and a time to reflect. Now, as we get going into 2013, we [continue reading…]

Aug 072011

This weekend will be my third Sunday away from St Philips. I’m witnessing the wedding of my eldest niece in the Hunter Valley NSW. She was 3 weeks old when she attended my wedding. Now 25 years later, I will be attending hers. Last weekend Malcolm & I shared at a bush camp just north of Newdegate in the S.E. wheat belt with a small group of keen farming Christians. These folk do life tough, often isolated, enduring drought, just [continue reading…]

Sep 262010

Guilderton is a small coastal hamlet about an hour and a bit north of Perth up the Lancelin road. Did you know that in 1931 someone found 40 Dutch silver guiders in the sand-hills at the entrance of the river? They believe the coins may have come from a Dutch 17th century ship that hit the reef just off the coast. I can imagine the coin’s finders couldn’t believe their luck when they happened upon their find. Life more often [continue reading…]