Frequently Asked Questions


How can I update my giving?

A/C: Anglican Parish Cottesloe
BSB: 706-001 A/C No: 30003160

Financial Institution: Anglican Community Fund (Inc)


Direct Debit

Request the forms from the office:

Online Credit Card

Go to and click ‘Online Giving

Credit Card

We also have the facility to take giving and payments on Credit / Debit Cards. You can do this over the phone with the office, or in person during office hours or on a Sunday.

If you need help or assistance in choosing or facilitating any of these options, please contact the church office: 08 9385 1042 or email:

Do we receive funds from the Diocese / Anglican Church?

  • No, in fact after certain deductions, a percentage of our general giving is paid to the Diocese. There are specific grants available from the Diocese that we can and do apply for.

Do we pay for the Ministers?

  • Yes, we pay all of the Ministers’ stipends and allowances. The Diocese contributes to only a proportion of their superannuation. We also pay for all the other staff we currently employ.

Do we pay for the Church building and its maintenance?

  • Yes, we are liable for all costs in maintaining or improving the Church buildings, Rectory and land.

Can I buy something and donate it to the church instead of giving money?

  • You can, though monetary donations are preferred. If you do buy something or pay for a service as a donation, please give us a copy of the invoice / receipt. It enables us to evaluate the full turnover / cost of running the church, and, as we are GST registered we are able to claim this back.

What am I rostered on for?

For privacy reasons we cannot put rosters up on the website, but they are available in the church office OR you can call for confirmation. If you want to swap with someone, it is primarily your responsibility to arrange that, however you need to inform the office AND the coordinator of your change.

If you wish to be removed from a roster, you need to contact the administrator.

How do I get in contact with somebody from the church?

Check your parish directory, and if you are unsure of who to speak to about your particular issue, please contact our wonderful church administrator, Cinthya, on 08 9385 1042 or via email

Questions you could start asking

How can I contribute to the future of St Philips?

One of the ways you can support St Philips’ financial future is by considering to make provision for the church beyond your lifetime. To find out more, see our How to Leave a Financial Gift to St Philips document that will answer more questions and directs you to some details.

How can I get involved?

There are always things happening at St Philips, and we are always in need of willing hands. Another thing we are very open to is for people to propose their own ideas and missions. If you have a heart for something, or a desire to give your time as a volunteer, please talk to someone on the Ministry Team OR contact the office.

How can my skills be useful in this community?

Can you work powerpoint? Handy with a hammer? Not good with people, but a dedicated person of prayer? Seriously, everyone is skilled. And with all our skills combined, we can create a powerful community.

If you have a heart and time to serve, please please please! let your skills be know. We need volunteers to help, and with many hands, we make light work. Chat to someone on the team or the office to see where you are needed.