St Philips Kalobeyei


Since mid 2017 the sons and daughters of displaced families from sub-Saharan Africa have found new hope and friendships  in the Integrated Settlement Community at Kalobeyei, North West Kenya.

At least three church groups have been established within this new settlement and one, the St Philips Anglican Church is supported by its namesake in Cottesloe, Western Australia .

Having a long association with the Anyuak tribal group of South Sudan, the members of St Philips in Cottesloe have been quick to help in establishing the fledgling community there by providing furniture, music and sporting equipment, ‘talking Bibles’, a generator and Christian  story  books for the kids.

At Christmas, the Cottesloe kids sent special greetings to their new friends at Kalobeyei and were able to provide them with treats of food and soft drink to seal their new friendship.

Ten children have already been baptised at the St Philips Anglican Church at Kalobeyei when Bishop Kimani visited in August 2017.

photo 2