Small Groups



Our small groups are as diverse as the people who inhabit them.  They are vision led with a range of purposes and personalities. Groups generally support, bible study, leadership development, parents and families and pastoral support and encouragement.

For a useful outline of small groups you are very welcomed to join, see below.


Ladies Small Group
At Barb Brans’ house
Barb Brans
9383 1928
From May 9th for the next 6 weeks we will be doing a Ridley Certificate course called Gospel & Life. This involves a short explanation based on the gospel of Matthew presented by Rev Tracy Laurensen and us discussing questions raised from this. This is a good time to join us if anyone is interested. We start with a cuppa at 9.30.
Mal’s Mens Group
Malcolm Potts
0401 189 071
We meet fortnighty.


Women’s Bible Study
In the Multi-Purpose Room
Cheryl Potts
0407 567 437
We meet, read the bible together, hear what God is saying to us and pray together. We laugh and cry and share our lives. It’s a really lovely time but it also challenges us into a deeper walk with our Saviour.Come join us.


Morning prayer
In the meeting room
Cathy Kiernan
0421 126 926
Ours is a prayer group which meets in the church at 7:00 every Wednesday morning for half an hour, followed with coffee and chat at Vans on the corner of Napoleon Street. Anyone is welcome – the more the merrier. We intend this to go on indefinitely and those of us who have been part of this for some time would never consider missing it unless absolutely necessary. We read a psalm twice then pray. A wonderful experience!
Manley’s Home Group
At Manleys’ house
Paul 0418 936 578
Helen 0418 911 007
We meet weekly each Wednesday night at 7:30 to 9:30 for a cuppa before starting with a time of fellowship and finishing with prayer.
We discuss books of the bible going through each book before moving on to the next.
Paul Manley leads the group.
All are welcome to the group which consists of singles and couples with no age barrier.


Men’s Group
At John Geyer’s
1. Our small group of men have been meeting every Thursday for 5 years
2. We talk candidly about our lives and life in general in a completely non-judgmental atmosphere, have food, and often laugh
3. Every man takes the opportunity to express when during the week he’s felt closest to God (connected) and when he’s felt furthest from God (desolate)
4. We pray for about a half hour then finish at 9:30
Book Club
In the meeting room 
Ngaire Viner
Our Book club meets at the Church on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 1.30pm until 3pm.  We take it in turns to select a book from the Nedlands Library, which has bags of 10 books you can hire for $20.  Our members are Cynthia Taylor and her daughter Deborah, Verity Cripps, Beth Davies, Betty Foster, Sue Morris, Rosemary Pearman and myself. New members are welcome.


Prison Ministry
To Hakea Prison
Gary Davidson
Our team goes into Hakea Prison (Canning Vale) every 3rd Sunday of the month. We attend their 9.30 service, prepare the chapel, support the chaplain Graham Wright and chat to the prisoners afterwards over a cuppa.

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