Jul 152018

As we continue with our series ‘Who is God?’, I want to draw your attention to the structure of The Apostle’s Creed. It would be a shame for us to teach all the way through the creed without pointing out the overall structure. That would be to miss the forest from the trees. So let me point out the forest. The creed has a three-part structure: I believe in God the Father I believe in Jesus Christ God’s only Son [continue reading…]

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Jul 082018

A few weeks ago in the 9.30 service each of the testimonies had the theme of passing the baton. If I remember correctly, the people who prayed together before the service also had a similar word for us. As well, Kieran and I have been thinking about this concept strongly as we’ve planned and prayed about introducing the New City Catechism. It’s at the heart of why we are doing it. It’s so important for us to pass on the [continue reading…]

Jul 012018 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 31:36 — 10.9MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | Why not subscribe? Romans 4:18-25  Hebrews 11:8-16   

Jul 012018

This week we are starting a series on the Creed. We also start learning The City Catechism together. See the insert in this pewsheet for more information about this and the encouragement to engage with it yourself and with your family. It’s so vital that we are growing in our understanding of what we believe and that our lives are undergirded by a Christian worldview. There are so many worldviews trying to shape us often without us even realizing it. [continue reading…]

Jun 242018 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 20:13 — 6.9MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS | Why not subscribe? Psalm 23  John 15:1-11   

Jun 242018

Ruth and I recently hosted our very first Bible study for young adults. As we started I wanted to answer the question, “Why am I so passionate about youth and young adults ministry?” There are three main reasons: My own experiences as a 15-20 year old. I came to faith just after I turned 18. That period was probably the most vulnerable of my entire life. I was trying to figure out who I was and where I belonged. I [continue reading…]

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Jun 172018

Since  civil war broke out in South Sudan in December 2013, about 300,000 of its people have died and about 3.5 million have become refugees. Over a quarter of a million are living in Bidi Bidi in north-west Uganda, the largest refugee settlement in the world. A large number of South Sudanese are in refugee camps in Kenya. They “just want to go home”. Aballa Ojulu’s youngest brother, Rev’d Samuel Otwel Ojulu, and his cousins, Rev’d Joshua Ojulu and Rev’d [continue reading…]