Dec 292019

Welcome to our Christmas and New Year services and news sheet.

This is just a word of welcome and recognition that we are saying “goodbye” to 2019 and “hello” to 2020.

We at St Philips refer to this as our month of ‘abiding’.  It’s a season to slow, stop and reflect and acknowledge what has gone by: to say thank you, to celebrate, as well as to be honest about disappointments and sadnesses . . . and take these things to Jesus.  Then we look forward to what might lie ahead.

I do encourage you to be intentional in this goodbye/hello season – to remember that God always acts out of love; that He is primarily about our spiritual growth; that He may use sharp instruments to challenge our growth; and, finally, that He will never settle for lukewarm or wishywashy.

Thank you for worshipping with us.


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