Oct 202019

Rightnow Media: Top Five

Visiting rightnowmedia.org is a bit like trying to climb Mt Everest – there is so much to get through! Today I want to give you some of my top recommendations. Some of the authors I can ‘vouch’ for are Matt Chandler, John Piper and Francis Chan. If you have a commute to work, why not download the audio for one of their sermon series?

Did you know that (a) you can download material onto your phone (so you don’t have to use your internet), and (b) you can download ‘audio only’ so you can listen instead of watch?

Parents, if you are looking for resources to disciple your kids, I highly recommend Phil Vischer’s material! What’s in the Bible is a brilliant introduction to the Bible for kids.

5. Addiction: A Compass & Light Series

For: Adults

About: Mental health

Author: silentimages.org

Type: Testimony, teaching

Compass & Light is a documentary series created to raise awareness and understanding of mental health in our community. It follows the stories of people who have felt the impact of mental illness. The topics include Anxiety, Addiction, Bipolar, Depression, Eating Disorders, PTSD, and Suicide.

4. The Gospel of Mark

For: Adults, youth

About: The Bible

Author: Francis Chan

Type: Teaching in Israel

Francis Chan teaches through the gospel of Mark from the very places that the stories are referring to! This series would be excellent for a small group.

3. Grace and Truth

For: Parents, adults.

About: Sexuality

Author: Preston Sprinkle

Type: Testimonies, teaching

This series of videos combines real-life testimonies with biblical teaching to start a conversation about sexuality that is full of grace and truth.

2. Holy Moly

For: Kids

About: The Bible

Author: Sparkhouse

Type: Cartoon

A series of 80 short cartoons for kids, running through the entire story of the Bible.

1. Jesus and the Journey to Joy

For: Adults

About: Joy, Philippians

Author: John Piper

Type: Devotional

A series of six 10-minute videos on the topic of joy in Philippians.  You will be challenged and inspired. Highly recommended!

There is so much more to recommend but this is a start. We hope this resource will help you to dig deeper into God’s Word and grow as a disciple who makes disciples. Don’t forget to click on the “St Philip’s Anglican Church” tab for further recommendations.

God bless!
Kieran Carr

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