Sep 152019

It was a remarkable bible study last week with Kieran.  We have been working our way through Roman chapter 8 and Kieran recited the whole chapter to a captive audience.  Wow!  The Word of God was so alive and meaningful.

This also made me think of how passionate our leadership team feels about our youth group and bringing young people at many local schools into a relationship with Jesus.

When I was at school (more than 50 years ago), we learned the scriptures soberly and Shakespeare with passion.  Now, wouldn’t it be memorable for students to have a visit from Kieran where he uses his gift of oration and passionately recites God’s Word? 

In prayerful anticipation,
Pammy Goff

I was chatting with Peter Goff about Romans 8 the other day.  Peter said Kieran had taught them to ask of a text interpretive questions that help to open up its meaning.  He said one question was to read the passage and ask, “Is it Jesus doing it, God doing it or the Holy Spirit doing it?”  Peter was amazed at what was happening in Romans 8.  Jesus’ one job was to intercede.  God was doing a few things.  But the Holy Spirit was flat out.  In the Spirit’s revealing the wonders of God in Christ we are strengthened, loved and filled with hope.

Pete has also been very impressed with what Kieran has been bringing; that’s exciting too.  We are very fortunate to have him. 

Finally, I hear people say, “The bible can be interpreted any way you like and we can’t know for sure what it means.”  Actually, no!  There are keys to understanding texts – medical texts, legal texts and biblical texts.  If people are getting crazy interpretations, it means they don’t know what they are doing.  Kieran is teaching how to get the truth from the word of truth.  That’s such good news.

Malcolm Potts
St Philips Cottesloe

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