Aug 252019

Last weekend 30 women from St Philips had a great time away together. So many precious things, so many precious moments. As is so often the case, it was a weekend of encounter with each other and with God . . . a weekend where relationships were further developed and where the Holy Spirit worked in our lives; . . . a weekend where God met us deeply as we made the effort to be present; . . . a weekend spent in nature, around a warm fire and around the table together; . . .  and a weekend spent reflecting on the Word of God with the people of God, as well as in personal reflection and solitude. Chat with some of the people who were there to hear some of the more personal stories of how God was at work; there are lots of those stories. I had the privilege too of staying in New Norcia for another couple of nights on a personal retreat which was also a refreshing time.

These experiences led me to reflect on how many good and important things happen when we allow space and make time for them. There are lots of good things to be doing in life. In the midst of the many good things, it’s important to prioritise the important things, especially those things that help God stay at the centre of our lives.

Many people in our community were helped by the Daily Office that was part of the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series earlier in the year, especially the two minutes of silence that was part of that. It slowed us down and gave us a rhythm that made room for God to do his deep work in our lives (or at least for us to notice it and work with him in it!). As we enter into this part of the year where it regularly feels like time speeds up, I’d encourage you to ensure that you take the opportunity to ground yourself once again in rhythms that allow this type of space, if you haven’t already got them strongly in place. Re-using the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Daily Office book might be one useful thing in that; revisiting the Sabbath and where that fits for you might be another. Learning, studying and meditating on a specific part of Scripture, as some of our community are currently doing, might be another useful thing for you.

Amongst other things, it’s from engaging in these rhythms that we are able to live into the fullness of life that is ours in Christ, to keep God at the centre, to “work from a place of rest” and to live our life in line with God’s priorities. It’s from these places that we are reminded of who we are, our purpose and where we become the people who are able to deeply love the world around us.


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