Aug 112019

Moving house! That’s what my week has been. By the time most of you are reading this, most of my things will have been moved to my new place in Cottesloe. I’ve been pondering and praying about the move for some time and a couple of months ago felt it was time to act. I had invited some close people into the discernment journey and felt that it was quite important to actually be very local to the church in my move. I’m looking forward to this new season and to what God’s got in store, especially with regard to the potentially increased engagement with local community.

Over these last weeks moving myself, as well as conversations with some people about the idea of ‘home’ for other reasons, I’ve found myself pondering various things around these ideas. We are people who are pilgrims in this world, people who long for our true home where we will be with God forever. We, along with the whole of creation, experience a sense of longing for that day.

As well as that, there is the sense in which we, whose citizenship is in heaven, are strangers and aliens in this world.  Heaven is where our true home is.  We are urged by Scripture to set our minds on the things that are important from the perspective of our heavenly citizenship.

Nevertheless, we are called to be deeply present where we are and with the people around us. Jesus came into our world, with all that involved, and dwelt amongst us. God’s given us a world of abundance and wants us to enjoy it and care for it. And he’s put us in relationships where he calls us to love and to be his hands and feet. That’s both with our brothers and sisters in Christ and with the wider communities we operate in, whether in our families, geographic areas, school communities, workplaces or other relationships. We are called to invest deeply where we are, enjoying what God has given us, making him known in word and deed in those places and being his presence. On that note, I’ve very much appreciated the way many of our church community have been present during my moving process. Thanks so much.

I wonder how each of our lives would be different if we understood more deeply that our citizenship is in heaven and genuinely set our minds on the things that are important with that in view. How would they be different if we lived more as people who fully enjoyed the world that God has made and sought more intentionally to do good to those who God has placed around us?


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