Jul 072019

Welcome to St Philips, Archbishop Kay!  And welcome to the clan of Pritchard on this special day when Evan, Zara and Bobby are baptised and Naomi is confirmed.

Because we want to honour the special things that are happening today we have decided to defer a whole raft of other pieces of good news to next week. 

I’m often asked to give more dot points of what is going on, so here are but a few of them that would make great testimonies.

Kieran finished the Bible overview on a high on Wednesday night.  I know it was a high by the energy with which people were telling me about it.  Next term there is the opportunity to read and study together what many scholars believe to be the greatest chapter of the greatest book ever written, Romans 8.  This will be a high because Kieran is so excited about it.

Graham Whitley was hoping to share more from Kakuma Camp in Kenya today.  We shall defer that video till next week but do pray for Jeremy, Lucy and Jeremy’s grand children, without parents and living without effective shelter and barely-basic resources in the middle of the wet season.

The Men’s Weekend last weekend saw 20 blokes learn, listen, eat [a lot] and play and enjoy nature.  The theme, “Turn up for one another”, resonated – and we did.  I think I understand forgiveness for the first time after over 30 years of being a Christian.  Now that is exciting!

Last Friday night there were more kids at youth group than ever before, but it’s the quality of engagement that we pray for, so please join in with that.

Last Friday Kieran and Barb shared a celebration with two families whose teenagers are working on Equip, a training experience for future Christian leaders.  It was a highlight especially to hear parents affirm the progress of their children and hear the teens share their 5-step action plans for the future.We are pushing our Growing Young initiative. The next step, following your survey suggestions, is a process called ‘appreciative enquiry’,  a fancy name for listening to people in all life stages to best achieve a vibrant future for all life stages at St Philips. Let Kieran and Barb know if you’d like to participate.

A women’s Alpha Course has just had their Holy Spirit weekend in Mandurah.  Pray for the participants for the Holy Spirit’s ongoing enlightening.

A Friday women’s group is doing Christian growth subjects online from Ridley College. They’re loving increasing understanding together.

Kieran has been invited to contribute to the lunchtime groups at Christ Church Grammar run by chaplain Nick Russell.  Great energy and sharing there.

Lots of parents, teachers, but especially kids, coming to appreciate the melding together of the knowledge gained through the New City Catechism curriculum in KidsChurch.

North Cottesloe Primary volunteers have their own badges.  Just a great ministry of affirmation.

There is a lot more I could dot point but space is short.  You are all inspirational in your stepping into the world Jesus loves.  Keep it up BUT please come and tell us your stories.


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