Apr 282019

The Carrs have been in Perth for just over a year now. There is plenty to celebrate! Allow me to share a few things that I am grateful for at the moment.

Tim Dyer Visit
I’m very grateful for Malcolm’s investment in helping the staff team clarify our sense of where God is leading St Philips in the years to come. Tim Dyer will be flying in from Tasmania to guide us through a kind of ‘visioneering’ process for two days this week. Please pray that we listen well to God and to each other as we consider where he is leading us.

Partners in Prayer
Next Sunday we will be launching our partners-in-prayer initiative. The goal is to partner every one of our young people with someone who will consistently pray for them. We have purchased 50+ copies of 5 things to pray for your kids to help us pray for the next generation. It excites me very much to think that every young person in our community will have someone bringing them before God in prayer.

Discipleship Training Courses
Seven people have already registered for God’s Big Picture (Bible Overview) which starts this Wednesday night. I am convinced that the more depth we can add to our adults, the more depth we can add to our children. Paul says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds” (Romans 12:2). There is nothing more transformative than being immersed in God’s big picture in the Bible.

CruWest Dinner
CruWest is a Bible-based, interdenominational Christian youth organisation devoted to nurturing school students in their faith and training young people for a life of leadership and service. At this stage five people from St Philips will attend the partnership dinner on May 13 to hear more about this exciting ministry. My hope is that God opens doors into the many private schools that are right on our doorstep. (See the pewsheet for more information.)

Ruth and I are very grateful to a member of St Philips who has done some babysitting so that we can enjoy a night out together as a couple.


In Thanksgiving,


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