Sep 022018

We’ve got many exciting opportunities coming up for our children and young people and a number of our congregation are involved in contexts where they’ll be ministering to children, young people and families beyond our church. Would you join with us in prayer for these things?

This Sunday at the 9.30 service we have Naomi Fulton, the Chaplain at North Cottesloe Primary School, with us. She’ll tell us a bit about her work at North Cottesloe and we will have a chance to pray for her. One of the highlights of her time there so far is the partnership with our church community and the ten volunteers that are present in the school in various capacities. Please do be praying for Naomi and the ten people from our church who are involved in volunteering at North Cottesloe Primary School.

Next weekend we have our Youth Alpha Weekend Away down in Busselton. We are really aware of how significant these times can be and also of how dependent we are on God for this. The “Here to Stay” research about factors that influence young people continuing on in their faith has “peak experiences” like camps as a key ingredient. Other research  indicates that almost 50% of all faith decisions have been made on a camp. We’d love your prayer for safety and deepening of connections and belonging, as well as for God’s Spirit to be at work in our young people (and their friends), drawing them closer to Himself.

In the Spring school holidays, we are significantly involved with two holiday camps. Kieran is leading on the CRUWest Spring Leadership Camp for those in Years 9-11 and we’ve got several of our youth going as participants. Kieran’s leading a session each day on biblical theology, helping the young people have a big-picture understanding of the Bible. In the same week, Sally Howe is team-leading an SU primary-aged camp, Kids in the Kitchen. Eliza Kan and Lynn and Rosalie Wadley are also leading on this camp. Please be praying for these people as they lead on these camps and pray that God’s Spirit will be at work in each of the young people attending. (You can also pick up some specific prayer points for Kids in the Kitchen at the back of the church or from Sally.)

For a number of years a few of our congregation have been involved as part of the Augusta (Flinders Bay) Family Festival (Beach Mission) team. I joined them last year as the team leader of this mission team. We have just started planning our time there for this coming January. We form a missional community, camping alongside holiday-makers and aiming to share the good news of Jesus and God’s Kingdom in word and action. I’d love to speak with anyone who might like to join us. We’d value your prayer for our preparation, team-building and time in Augusta.

Finally, lots of us are involved in the lives of children and young people through our roles as parents, grandparents, teachers and friends. It would be great to be praying for each other as we share life and faith with young people in these everyday contexts, that our lives and words would proclaim Christ and shape our young people as followers of Jesus.





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