May 272018

Throughout the past year, the St Philips community has been journeying alongside James Duff (and his family) as he has stepped more fully into The Common, a church plant in Palmyra. We’ve prayed and heard stories along the way and kept track of the development of The Common community. It’s exciting that James is now able to concentrate his time in the leadership of that community. As a church, we are supporting them financially, in prayer and in other ways. As well, numerous people who are part of St Philips are further supporting them and this work individually. God’s Kingdom is breaking into people’s lives through The Common and through the lives and leadership of the Duffs and the Murthas. It’s exciting stuff.

Many of you will be aware that as the options were explored last year for how The Common would be supported at an organizational level, it became apparent that the necessary way forward was for it to be an independent church (with covenant relationships with places like St Philips). This has meant the setting up of a Board and other separate legal and financial structures. Lots of background work has been going on in order for the work of ministry through The Common to establish and flourish. Brenda Hogg and I are both part of the board and in that role, we and the rest of the board are at The Common today. It will be great to gather in worship with them.

Along with continuing prayers for the life-changing ministry that is happening there, we value your continuing prayer for the governance and administration tasks and functions that need to take place. Please pray for wisdom, unity and efficiency to further the work of the kingdom.

As I take stock of my participation in The Common, I reflect also on others of us who are involved in necessary background tasks that further the work of the kingdom in many different contexts – holding ground so that others can take ground; holding ground that the kingdom may come. I wonder where you find yourself holding ground and I pray that we all give ourselves to being God’s people, called and equipped to bring His kingdom in those places.

More locally, I have the chance to spend time with a young girl at North Cottesloe Primary School, to get to know and encourage her. It was fun to have my first time with her this week. As she was showing me around the school, it was great to see Peter Sweetman  leaving the school after supervising the nature playground area at lunchtime. During the week, nine members of our congregation are now present at the school in various capacities. Do pray for us and the chaplain, Naomi Fulton, as we seek to be God’s people in that place.  And I pray for you and the opportunities God is giving you, that you will be the light of Christ this coming week wherever you are. 

May God’s kingdom come on earth – in Palmyra, Cottesloe and wherever you find yourself – as it is in heaven.






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