Feb 112018

In KidsChurch and Junior Youth today our young people are considering the importance of remembering and attending to what God says about us. How do you go at remembering – receiving and believing – what God says about you? Is it the basis of how you live? Most of us are pretty forgetful when it comes to remembering the truth of what God says about us. Some of us don’t really know what it is that God thinks about us; others of us choose not to live into what we know to be true and let other things shape us. Here are some of the truths that our kids are considering today: “You’re God’s kid”,  “You’re God’s special agent”, “You’re God’s creation”, “God loves you”, “You’re a part of God’s family”, “Jesus died for you”, “You’re forgiven”, “You have God’s power”, “You’re one-of-a-kind”, “God is pleased with you”, “You’re a world-changer”. Are these truths that you remember and apply to yourself?

Perhaps you are more likely to replay and listen to some of the lies that our kids are reflecting on today: “You’re a loser”, “You’ll never get it right”, “You’re lame”, ”You’re weird”, “You’ll never be good enough”, ”You’re no good”, “You’re bad”, “No one likes you”, “God is disappointed in you”.

Which are the statements that you are most likely to believe and listen to? Are you more likely to hear and believe the truths or the lies? It’s these believes that profoundly shapes our lives and from which our actions flow – actions that stem from being secure in what God says about us or from believing lies about ourselves and about God.

The story that our young people are reflecting on today is that of Jesus and how he responded to temptation. He remembered what the truth is and what His Father said and He stood firm in those things. Do you know the truth about what God thinks about you? And do you remember it at those times when you are tempted to believe one or more of the lies? What might you do to help you know and remember the truths about who you are this week and through Lent?

The bible verse the kids are encouraged to learn this week is James 4:7: “Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Part of submitting ourselves to God is choosing to believe what He says about us. So, where we need to, let’s repent (change our minds) and believe the good news of what God says about us. It will impact our lives and the world around us in surprising and powerful ways.



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