Aug 062017

Thank you for the feedback following the talk Cheryl and I gave in church last Sunday.  If you were not there and are interested, jump on St Philips Cottesloe website, press on the Podcast button and you can hear it.

We addressed 1 Peter 3, where Peter says, “Wives submit to your husbands.”  Of course Peter said much more than that and that text of all texts deserves a context, both culturally and for its place within the letter as a whole.

I particularly want to acknowledge and honour the journeys, bits of which have been shared with me, of some folk whose lives have been shaped negatively by the misuse of such texts.  I also want to thank the sharing men and women who have [and do] wrestle together in the shared responsibility of covenant relationship and continue to do the work of fitting in to one another out of reverence for Christ and each other.

And …. I want to mention the passionate warnings of one person who practises in this area and exhorted me to tell women, particularly, that if you think you are in danger, you ARE in danger.  And the only right thing to do is to call anyone who will provide immediate physical safety and get you and your kids out of where you are to that safe place.  My friend went on to say not to worry about things, perceptions, what will come next and so on.  Just get out.  All those things do, invariably, sort themselves out.

My friend explained that there are two support places in Perth that ‘get it’, and you, in that sort of situation and either will help or tell you what to do.  Those places are your local Magistrates Court [better than the police but if you are in imminent physical danger, call the police].  The second is the Women’s Legal Centre.

My friend warned that the first week after leaving is critical and these two resources should be at the top of the list in giving you specific action steps.

My friend also suggested that if someone approaches you saying they are afraid and need protection [even if you know the partner and the partner is a lovely person……blah, blah!], believe them and protect them!  In John 17:11,15 Jesus prays that his Father will protect the disciples.  Protection is so fundamental to wellbeing.  Jesus doesn’t question us, he protects us from all evil.  As confusing as it may seem at the time, be  protectors one of the other.

I have been quietly praying for protection as I pop off to hospital for surgery tomorrow morning.  I want to thank fellow travellers for the generous support, advice and sharing of geriatric toys that seem standard in orthopaedic recovery.  I am pleased to stand with the growing retinue of fellow cyborgs.  Aren’t we just incredibly fortunate to have access to such treatment and remedial care?

Please don’t visit me in hospital.  There are three agendas there – chop, physiotherapy and rest – then they kick you out.  Feel free to visit me at home but give me a week to get over the crisis phase.

It’s been lovely to see God’s gentle and mirthful hand in this.  Paul and Helen turned up at church  last week with an electric Gofer for sale and have lent it to me.  We have never had a Gofer turn up at church before!  Why, the week before I need one?  I’m not supposed to drive a car for six weeks but no one said anything about a Gofer!

Also, Cheryl has struck up a real friendship with a lovely Swiss woman who has been attending St Philips playgroup.  Her hubby is the surgeon who assists my surgeon.  We have had picnics together.  Who would have thought?

God is good . . .  all the time.  Prayers with you as you appropriate his love, truth, grace and presence.

James is the ‘boss’ for the next four weeks. 
If you need to, ask him.




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