May 212017

Mums are truly special.  Last Sunday in Australia we celebrated Mothers Day, an opportunity to give thanks for our mums and mother figures.  This week Malcolm and I have had our own mums on our mind.  It is great to have Malcolm back from Geelong.  It wasn’t the easiest trip for him as it involved moving his mum (Joan) from her home and into an assisted living facility.  I’m sure he will share more of his experience with us in his chosen time.  We are deeply thankful for his safe return and that Joan has moved in smoothly and with great excitement into her new home.  It is easy to see and feel the deep love Malcolm has for his mum and he is a great example for me on how to honour parents (Ephesians 6:1-3). 

This week I was shocked to hear from my dad that my mum (Sue) had suffered a heart attack.  She is currently in the Wagga Wagga hospital in southern NSW and recovering well after having two stents inserted during surgery.  I have not received all the information regarding her condition or prognosis although my dad assured me that she is stable and well.  Both Malcolm and I would deeply appreciate your prayers for our mums at this time. 

I wanted to quickly mention that while I have been incapacitated due to my back, I have been able to get some reading done.  About a month ago I borrowed a book from the Parrys titled The Grace Outpouring written by Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts.  The book is the story of how God has truly blessed a Christian retreat centre in West Wales called Ffald-y-Brenin, pronounced Fal (as in pal) duh brennin meaning ‘The Sheepfold of the King’.  (You may have heard Trevor speak of it at church and perhaps know that we are implementing some of the prayer principles during our Sunday service.)  It is one of those books that I struggled to put down and didn’t want to end.  I must admit, if I didn’t find myself with a sore back and unable to carry out most duties, I think the book would still be sitting on the bedside table with the other dozen half-read or not-read books.  This book has encouraged me to bless both those I know and don’t know.  It has beckoned me towards a more risk-taking adventurous life in the Spirit.  I finished this book a changed and excited man. 

For those who attend our 7:30 service, I encourage you to take up the offer we give each week for after-the-service prayer.  We will be praying prayers of blessing.  For our 9:30 attendees, we have a prayer team that prays and blesses during the time we celebrate the Lords Supper.  Prayer is also offered by this team after the service, so be encouraged to take up the offer to be prayed for and blessed (1 Thess. 5:17).

For the Fathers glory!



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