Oct 292014

We spend a lot of time in the car with our families and friends!  Instead of saying “Are we there yet?” why not make the most of the time – play some fun car games, have a laugh singing loudly to a song you all like and have some good conversations…


You and whichever family members are in the car with you

Faith Talk cards or your own home made cards  (if you need a conversation starter)



1. When you’re on a car trip (short or long), make some time to turn down the radio and/or have everyone unplug their personal devices and put down their books!

2. Grab a faith talk card or just choose your own topic to talk about.    Memories and Things you wonder about are a couple of good ones.  (You could make your own car conversation cards as another family project – that would be fun!)

3. Each person takes a turn talking about the topic.   Some questions might include:  tell a favourite story about one of your grandparents….      What do you think angels do….  If you had the whole day to do whatever you like, what would you do…  Talk about your favourite ever holiday.

4.  Each person takes a turn choosing a question or topic – you can stop after one round or keep going as long as you like!

5. At the end say a prayer (with your eyes open if you’re driving!) and thank God for each person in the car and the chance to spend time together.

Road trip

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