Sep 302014

This recipe was inspired by an idea from the website.

Pets are an important part of the family – why not set some time aside to celebrate and thank God for what they bring into our lives?


  • Paper and pens/textas
  • Your pet
  • Your family/household
  • Toys for your pet (if they use toys!)


  1. Sit down together and draw some portaits of your pet! Maybe even frame them and put them up on the wall (or if you’re not an artist, take some photos and print them out).
  2. As you draw, share fun memories of your pet, what you love about them, what makes you laugh (or even annoyed!).
  3. After you’ve finished your picture, pray and give thanks to God for your pet/pets and what they bring into your life. Pray for your pet’s health, or any other needs he/she may have.
  4. Now spend some quality time with your pet – play with your dog or cat, clean out your rabbit’s hutch, spend time watching your fish – whatever works for you. Let them know you care.



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