Aug 262014

God calls us to be generous and cheerful givers – here’s one way to teach kids about giving and  to intentionally give as a household / family.


  • Materials to make a money box (or more than one!) (e.g. a drinking chocolate container with plastic lid is ideal, or make your own from cardboard or whatever other material you have handy)
  • Paper, glue, scissors, textas etc for decorating
  • Your family/household


  1. Set aside some time to do this family activity
  2. Decide how you will make your money boxes and gather the necessary materials
  3. Get together and make them! Make them look great 🙂
  4. Label them as “God’s Money” or something similar
  5. As you finish, read from 2 Corinthians 9:6-9 together (the CEV is a good version for kids) and chat about how God calls us to give. (You could talk a bit more about this topic and look at some other Bible passages together in other family times as well)
  6. Challenge each other to decide how much you will cheerfully give to God (you could use 10% as a guideline). Kids can put in a percentage of their pocket  money, birthday and Christmas money
  7. Pray for each other, thank God for all he gives us and ask him to help us be generous givers
  8. Collect the money in the money box, then give it to God through the church offering and other Christian projects you may decide on together


God money box

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