Aug 202014

A simple thing – but something we might not do very often – is to invite others to pray with your family. This could be regularly or as an occasional thing in times of challenge (eg things are tough at school or work, someone is sick, family member in hospital) or celebration. What a wonderful thing for kids to see and be part of God’s people praying for each other, lifting hearts and voices to God together outside the organised prayer at church.


  • Your family
  • Other Christian friends / another Christian family or household
  • Time


  1. Get together in whatever way works for you both (e.g. drop in, have a meal together, meet after church)
  2. Share your prayer needs
  3. Ask God to show you what to pray
  4. Pray for each other
  5. Keep praying for each other during the week- and check in to see how things are going
  6. Get together again to give thanks / continue praying

families praying together

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