Jul 012014

This recipe idea was inspired by  “The Busy Family’s Guide to Spirituality” by David Robinson, a great book!  

Are you about to head off on a holiday? Or a weekend away? Why not try this….

Travelling together recipe


  • The family/household
  • A prayer or song (or make it up at the time)


  • Before you set off, gather everyone together
  • Pray together! Pray for things like: a safe and good journey,a peaceful car trip (!), a refreshing holiday, the chance to re-connect with each other, pray for pets / family you  may leave behind, for God to watch over your home, for everyone to be aware of God’s presence as you travel, pray for the people you will meet etc
  • Finish with a big AMEN!

Travelling apart (or one person going away)


  • The family / household
  • Time to pray (at the time of leaving and during the time apart)


  • Before a family / household member travels, make time to pray as a family
  • Pray together: give thanks for travel opportunities, ask for God to protect and bless both the traveller and those who stay behind – add other prayers too!
  • While apart, make time to pray for each other – (perhaps even pray together on the phone or on Skype?)
  • When you are back together pray again – give thanks to God that the family is back together.



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