Jul 232014

A recipe from the Robinson family in the UK. Thanks to Rich and Anna for this one!

Ingredients :

  • A wooden spoon, with the word THANKSGIVING written on it (and decorated as well if you like!)
  • Your family / household and a meal at the table.


  1. Set the table for a meal, include the thanksgiving spoon on the table.
  2. Before you eat (or during if you prefer!) pass the spoon around to each person at the table.
  3. When each person has the spoon, they say something they are thankful for before passing it on.
  4. Say thanks to God for the food, and eat.
  5. If you like, leave the spoon on the table during the meal.  If someone thinks of something else they are thankful for, they can pick up the spoon and say it!

Thanksgiving spoon

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