Jul 092014

This is based on a great idea I found at www.vibrantfaithathome.org. Grab the family and make a prayer album or a prayer board to display in your home.


  • A photo album or blank paged notebook (or some card for mounting photos and a pin board)
  • Photos of family / friends / people you want to pray for
  • Glue, pens etc


  1. Get the family together
  2. Glue a photo on each blank page, or mount each one on a piece of card. As you do, talk about that person – what you like about them, why you are thankful they are in your lives.
  3. Decorate the pages, perhaps write prayer needs alongside the photos.
  4. After you have finished, look through the album (or at the board) and pray for each person (or do a few today and a few more another day!) Talk together about what you could pray for that person before you start.
  5. Use the prayer photo album / board often – and don’t forget to email / write to the person to let them know you have prayed for them.

photo album

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