Jan 262014

Welcome to 2014 from me. A particular thank you to the dozens of people who contributed to the life of the St Philips community in 2013 in all manner of ways. Some I have thanked, some I have not. I appreciate you all.

This reflection has led me to think about ‘greatness’.

Two great saints have died recently. Between them they have seen 198 years. For both of them Jesus Christ has been fundamental and foundational to who they are, what they value and how they lived. I will miss Pat and Kath.

Who do you know who is ‘great’? What characterises them?

Jesus described one man as the greatest person to have ever lived. His name was John. You know him as John the baptist. What characterised his life?

John was a country kid. He felt called to live a simple almost monastic life. He was a fiercely independent truth teller. He was a message carrier who prepared the way for what was coming.

Is this what you think of when you think of greatness? Living simply, having clarity of conviction and purpose and pointing the way – a way finder – for others.

Is there something you need to simplify – for Jesus’ sake – and yours. Something to give to others rather than more for myself?

Are your christian convictions clear? What do you need more clarity about? You won’t live confidently without clarity.

Christians living simply, generously and with clarity of conviction are increasingly rare.

You are increasingly rare.

Who are you sharing this message of greatness with; friends, kids, organisations, grand kids. So many are looking for ‘the way’. They don’t know it’s revealed in Jesus. His life, saving death, empowering Spirit.

This year simplicity, clarity and passing it on (Jesus called it discipleship) will be part of it. Let’s covet a bit of the greatness that genuine Christian faith is about.


Blessings, Malcolm



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