Oct 272013

If God’s called you to lead in his church and given you vision for serving and building up the church, then do it. How? Start where you’re at, with whomever you’re with.

If he’s called you to lead and you’re doing it, keep going because, in the same way that obedience to the father led Christ, not only to love his fellow people but to suffer for them; we too will suffer, in order that we may both truly know Christ and display his resurrection power. This is a deep mystery but one that is deeply glorious.

If he’s called and gifted you to serve those who lead, then do it and embrace the suffering,  because leaders are suffering too. We know, from marriage and other close relationships, that it’s hard to love and that love is sacrificial. But this is how Christ loved us and this is how we are to love others.

Why does this matter?

It matters because the church alone is the hope of the world, the light of the world and the bearer of the glory of God. The church alone is the dwelling place of God Almighty and is the throne of his Son through whom he extends the rule of his kingdom. The church – to the glory of God – is made up of the fools, the weak, the last, the lost and the least, because weakness more than anything else amplifies the brilliant strength, power, wisdom and love of God.

Finally, it matters because it is the church alone who is the Bride that God is preparing for the Son whom he loves. We, by God’s Spirit, are the Bride the Father has chosen for his beloved Son.
Selah [dwell/contemplate]




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